Tornano gli anni ’60: il decennio favoloso nella musica di oggi

It’s official. The 60s are back. The fabulous decade has returned to music and, if last summer we had hypothesized it thanks to Fedez and Orietta Berti and their “Mille”, now there are no more doubts. In music, as in fashion, the desire to return to the happy decade has made its way again with fresh tones and sounds, vintage but at the same time futuristic.

In the 60s we played and danced to the notes of Celentano with Stai lontana da me, of Tony Renis with Quando Quando, passing through Eduardo Vianella and his Guarda come dondolo and Domenico Modugno with Selene. Impossible not to remember Peppino di Capri with Let’s twist again and Saint Tropez Twist. All successes of 1962. A real dive into the past, when these pieces were depopulated among the neighbors of umbrella intent on enjoying an Italian summer.

The 60s were characterized by a desire for social revenge that was expressed in fashion, interior design and music and that same desire for lightness is back in the 2022 catchphrases. In fact, a little earlier.. with Fedez and Orietta Berti who opened the dances in the summer of 2021 and today continued by Madame in her The Exception, by MissKeta with Finimondo, but also with Nina Zilli who together with Danti in Munsta is so reminiscent of the notes of Carosone. And we can not forget directly from the final of Friends the young Sissy and of course the new summer hit of the moment: La dolce vita. Once again Fedez, but on this occasion with Tananai and Mara Sattei, launches a song with a mood that is a real revival of the atmosphere of the 60s. In the video, in fact, space for the twist, the wasps, the juboxes and the typical 60s looks.

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